wifi infrastructure

Full coverage of your site. Professional equipment allowing up to 60 users at the same time. Providing the best mobile user experience.

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Get to know your customers even better through analysing their attendance and habits, made visible for your in an easily comprehensible form.

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wifi marketing

Manage your own branded gateway and keep your customers informed of all happening in their favourite place of entertainment.

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net365 brings you

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advertise through the net365.mobi network

discover new opportunities for your business

Net365 Interface


Use the opening page of the free WiFi Internet application of net365.mobi to inform your customers for the current promotions and discounts.


Your ad campaigns and games – publish the terms of participation and the prizes on the opening screen of net365.mobi. Seeing it, your customers shall log in.

personal branding

Cut the costs for flyers and leaflets that nobody reads, use the net365.mobi WiFi network and build loyalty in your clients, keeping them informed of the most important events concerned with your brand.

have your WiFi network branded

use the opening screen for ads


the clients of net365.mobi

efficiency and benefits for the business

Victoria restaurants

restaurants Victoria

The well known pizzerias in Sofia and Bansko are among the net365 partners. Capacity of coverage – 280 seats and daily consumption – 1000 individuals.

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hotel Unicato

An existing WiFi network in trade centres. Commercial sites – 100, total area of the premises – 10 000 sq.m., network mean daily load – 300 individuals.

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bar & dinner Encanto

Building a WiFi network on the site and the adjacent areas in Plovdiv. The network daily load is 500 individuals – sales growth 20% for 3 months.

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their opinion of this service

Safe, secure, easy to use service,  providing new business opportunities and most importantly – customers love it.

Stoyan Naydenov
net365.mobi network in Encanto bar and dinner

With net365.mobi I have got to know my current customers and attracted new ones, offering them the service they need.

Kiril Stoyanov
net365.mobi network in club Bally

The WiFi infrastructure of net365.mobi allows us to save from advertising, expanding our business at the same time!

Emil Emilov
Емил Емилов

оur partners

part of those who trust us